Mushroom supplements otherwise known as medicinal mushroom are mushrooms that are highly valuable to the health. From time immemorial, mushroom supplements have been used in countries around Asia. However, in recent time other countries around the world are recognizing the benefits of mushroom supplements.

Mushroom supplements are capable of stimulating the immune functions. This is due to the fact that they belong to a class of biological response modifiers otherwise known as immunomodulators. Mushroom supplements improves the cellular immune functions and stimulate the body immunity generally. This will help maintain a balance between cellular and humoral immunity.

There are different types of mushroom supplements some of the most popular ones are;Medical Mushroom Uses

Types of Mushroom Supplements

  • Cordyceps:

    Cordyceps is a type of mushroom supplements that grows from dead caterpillars. Due to its numerous benefits, Cordyceps is gaining worldwide acceptance. It promotes cellular health and have anti-depressant activities.


  • Reishi:

    This is a type of mushroom supplements that promotes neurological health and good sleep. It is a symbol of health and proper reasoning in some Asian countries like China.


  • Maitake:

    This is a rich mushroom supplement that can serve as an all purpose health tonic.


  • Shiitake:

    Shiitake mushroom is usually referred to as the king of mushrooms. It enriches diet with good source of protein and potassium. Also the stem contains zinc which is an important element for boosting the immune system. Research has indicated that this mushroom supplements can stimulate immune system possess anit-bacteria properties and antiviral properties.


  • Polyporus:

    This mushroom has an antioxidant that helps maintain lungs , respiration health and kidney. It can be used in combination with other mushroom to prepare an effective health tonic.


  • White Button:

    It is a good source of vitamin D which helps the body to absorb calcium for  healthy bones. It helps to regulate the level of calories intake in the body,

Health Benefits of mushroom supplements

Taking a healthy diet is important to our health. This is why people are taking mushroom supplements in most of their meals. This is because of the fact that they are low in calories and carbohydrates, a great source of vitamin B, fibres, trace minerals and protein. They have power antioxidants known as ergothioneine that aid in lowering the body wide inflammation. Some of the unique health benefits of mushroom are;

  • Fight Cancer:

    mushrooms are one of the best known natural remedy for cancer and they increase natural killed cells. Natural killer cell is an immune system that identify dangerous cancerous cells and kill them. They have powerful anticancer compounds that palm an important role in inducing reactive  oxygen species, inhabiting mitotic kinase, thereby checking the widespread of cancer in the body. Consumption of mushroom supplements helps to prevent the formation of tumour,  protect DNA and stop cell mutation.  It also increases the body ability to detoxify itself of dangerous substances.


  • Boost energy and Improve brain function :

    Mushroom supplements contain vitamin B which aids adrenal and turn food nutrients into usable energy. Vitamin B has numerous benefits in our body, some of vitamin B includes ; Thyroid disorder and supporting a healthy metabolism.


  • Contribute to a healthy heart:

    Mushroom supplements naturally reduces the cholesterol level in our body. They lower low density lipoprotein which is a bad cholesterol. Lowering  the low density lipoprotein can help prevent the hardening of arteries which could be a risk factor for heart disease. Mushroom supplements contain potent phytonutrient that separate the cell from the blood vessel wall and forming a plague build up that will contribute to a healthy blood pressure.


  • Fight Obesity:

    Regularly taking mushroom in place of meat can help bring about a healthy weight loss. This is because of the fact that mushrooms are low-calorie nutrient- dense food.  Regular intake of mushroom supplements can bring about a healthy body weight, reduced waist circumference and better overall health. Also while working on your weight, it is also protect your hearts and other sensitive organs from suffering the consequences of in balance hormones.


  • Enhances Immunity and Lower inflammation:

    Mushroom supplements can enhance all the system in the body and protect the body from various diseases. This is because a use they have lower inflammation. Mushroom supplements also help to alkalise the body which boost the immune system. They have the ability to fight dangerous bacteria and viruses. Some of the substances that are present in antibiotics given to sick people – penicillin, streptomycin and  tetracycline are derived from mushroom fungal extract.


  • Provide Vitamin D:

    Certain type of mushroom supplements are decent  source of vitamin D. Lack of vitamin D in the body can instigate health condition like depression or heart disease. Food that contains vitamin D can reduce the tendency of cancer, heart diseases, mood disorder and bone loss.


  • Promote Skin Health:

    Some mushroom supplements like Shiitake  contains selenium.  Selenium can help reduce the severity of acne which can lead to disgusting scar sometimes.


  • Diabetes Management :

    Mushroom supplements are perfect for people suffering from diabetes. This is because it has no cholesterol,  no fat, virtually no carbohydrate and highly rich in protein. Adding mushroom supplements at least once a day can help to properly manage diabetes.


  • Improve bone health:

    Mushroom supplements are alkaline food that are edible whether cooked or raw. They also contain zinc and copper which helps to improve the rigidity of the bone.


  • Regulate blood pressure:

    Potassium is important in regulating high blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels and reducing the pressure. Constricted blood vessel can cause stroke. Mushroom supplements contain potassium which is an active regulator of high blood pressure.


  • Liver regeneration :

    A 2013 study by the Food and Chemical Toxicology reveals that mushroom supplements especially Reishi Mushroom can help to release free radical and promote the regeneration of liver cell.


  • Life span expanding properties:

    Some mushroom supplements have life span expanding properties. These mushrooms have unique molecules that promotes longevity by boosting the functionality of the immune system and preventing abnormal blood vessel formation that could lead to dangerous cancerous growth. Example of mushrooms with these properties is Reishi Mushroom.

Consults a doctors or medical professional before adding mushrooms to your diet.