What is the order process?

Simply call or order online. If you need help give us a call and we can walk you through it online or even take your order over the phone. Within 2 business days you will get  a delivery schedule or tracking number e-mailed to you.


Q: What is the lead time?

A: We process standard orders Monday-Friday. Special request and emergency orders Saturday and Sunday. We mail out orders within two business days. We do local deliveries as needed within 2-3 business days. With the exception of emergency orders which is based on availability.


Q: Can we request a harvest?

A: Absolutely, depending on the order size you may be required to pay a deposit.


Q:How much is shipping? What are the shipping options?

A: Shipping is based on location and necessity time of arrival. Within 40 miles we can deliver for free when we have multiple drop offs in the area twice a month. For emergency orders needed outside standard delivery time we charge 19 cents a mile. For orders outside the 40 miles we can do special request based on order. We have the ability to mail our products as well with the shipping fee based on location. We use Fedex and USPS and on checkout you will be presented with many options.


Q: What are the Payment methods?

A: We have payment plans for everyone and every business. We cans suit you as needed. Some common forms can include

  • Pay in full
  • Deposit + Net 30, 60, 90
  • Deposit plus weekly
  • Monthly Charge (for locked in rates)
  • Annually (For locked in agreements)
  • Other privately agreed terms

*Payment forms: Cash, Check, Credit Card, Amazon Payments, Paypal, Check or COD (COD requires deposit and CC on file)


Q: How long do our mushrooms last?

A: We advise to cook thoroughly and eat immediately. Depending on the mushroom type we can recommend best practices for storage. contact us for details


Q: How to store mushrooms?

A: Mushrooms taste best when cooked fresh. However proper storage and packing methods can prolong the flavor and edibility of your mushrooms.  You can bag and refrigerate them for short term storage and for longer term you can vacuum seal. (be sure to remove oxygen so limit bacteria growth.


Q: Does the price of mushrooms change?

A: Mushroom prices fluctuate based on what the market will bear, you can avoid the swing prices by locking in an annual price with us.