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Farm Fresh Mushrooms!

Guaranteed Delivery and Quality!
From Farm to Restaurant

We guarantee top quality and on time delivery. Our custom delivery trucks and insured protected packaging locks in a lasting savory flavor for even the pickiest of chefs. We do not sell any mushroom we would not eat ourselves. Chef checked before delivery.

Locked in Annual Pricing

Due to fluctuating market prices we offer plans for restaurants that want a locked in rate annually. Thus always guaranteeing a certain amount of product monthly at price that never goes up.

Special Orders and Private Reserves

We can handle nearly every order and then some. When restaurants want a specific kind of mushroom they can rent a space in our farm that we can grow a specific mushroom for them. This frees up the chef to guarantee specialty menu items. We also do private reserves of our own that repeat business is privileged to.

Detroit Mushroom Resources

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