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Detroit Mushroom Co.

From farm to table, farm to restaurant and farm to distributor.
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Our Fresh Mushroom History

Founded in 2012, by three restaurant industry entrepreneurs who have a passion for fancy cuisine and clean fresh mushrooms. So we started growing our own, fine-tuning a process that would ultimately make Detroit Mushroom Company an industry name known for big fresh tasty mushrooms. By 2014 we were getting orders world-wide and have been tripling business ever since. As we move into the 2018 year we have big plans for even more expansion to keep up with our customer’s needs.

Our customer loyalty program:

Our customers and employees come first. When we have happy employees we can guarantee happy customers. As a repeat customer, you will start receiving bonuses on orders. Everything from free shipping, discounts, special order requests and even access to our private selection.

Our Mushroom Guarantee:


We believe in our delicious mushrooms so much that if you are not happy with the fresh quality we will buy them back from you.

Our current projects

Our company is broken into two departments present and future. From online sales of home grow kits and fresh mushrooms to the further extent of fresh extracts and door opening medical research.

What Does Detroit Mushroom Do?

We supply all sizes of business with fresh direct from farm mushrooms. We expand with our customers and based on what you need and when you need them. We have our seasonal picks and then our custom orders. Our custom orders are a favorite of special needs restaurants who want to keep select dishes on the menu for prolong times. We allocate a space that provides your restaurant or business a select harvest of mushrooms for a guaranteed time at a locked in price. Rotate your menu when you want to not when you have to.

We sell nationwide, locally harvested and grown using green energy. Delivered on time every time.

100% Organic

Our mission is to be 100% organic by Q2 2019. We currently grow to standards but have plans to be 100% certified in 2019

100% GREEN

Waste! what waste? We utilize 100% of our harvest, by-products, and extensions.

“Fungi are the grand recyclers of the planet and the vanguard species in habitat restoration,”.